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Boredom and the benefits for children

Well here I am back from a big blogging break. I’ve been practicing doing nothing in the evenings and benefited from it quite a lot. I have put my feet up, spent some time getting over feeling guilty and just recharged my batteries. Now I felt it is timely to do a blog post on […]

Juggling is not just for clowns

How do working parents organise our lives in the school holidays? Well if you are the one who carries the lions share of child care and house hold care…it’s a hell of a lot of juggling! Sometimes I think it would just be easier to put the kids in a school holiday programme. However, I know my […]

Parenting with Appreciation

It can be difficult to be aware of and to show our appreciation and gratefulness for our children sometimes as we let the pace of life take over. We can let stress push in and start to pressure us. When this happens parents can tend to focus on problems and difficulties rather than on what is […]

Parents making childhood holiday memories

What a fabulous time of year to talk about making great memories for your children! Vacation time – or as we say in New Zealand, ‘holiday time’ – is the perfect opportunity for us parents to think about how we can help our children create great memories of their childhood. It doesn’t have to be huge and […]

Should Parents let Children watch the News?

Recently my youngest son (8 years old) came home from school saying that the teacher wants them to watch the News on Television so they can talk about it in class. Now normally I wouldn’t think anything of this as they do need to have some knowledge and interest in the world around them.