The CalmMinds course written and delivered by Meg Bryant supports parents to manage their child’s anxious and challenging behaviours.

Welcome to the CalmMinds Parent Programme

Developmental psychology
Attachment & emotionally focused parenting.
Builds confidence
Effectively manage challenging behaviours

A facilitated group format

How Long Will It Take?

The in-person group course consists of 4 x 2-hour sessions with one session delivered each week over 4 weeks.

Our online course is self-paced with one session delivered weekly over 4 weeks. We recommend you spend one to two hours per week to complete each session.

Weekly homework will be required to practice what is learned in both the group and online sessions. The online course also holds a weekly online forum with Q&As.

Who Is The Course For?

The course is for parents who struggle to manage their child’s anxiety-related behaviours and feelings, as well as other challenging behaviours.

Our course is currently only available for 5-12 year olds.

We will be developing the online course for 1-4 year olds and 13-17 year olds in the near future and encourage you to register your interest by email.

New! Wanaka Parenting Your Teen workshop with Meg Bryant. 

Check the flyer below and on the CalmMinds Parenting facebook page.

How Much Does It Cost?

The minicourse costs just $98. This is an introductory course to build the foundations for making positive changes in your family, yourself and your child. The minicourse will support your transition into the larger CalmMinds for parents with children with anxiety.

The full programme costs $320 – that’s only $80 per session. It includes all course material, handouts, online group discussion forum and access to my exclusive community for students.

Costs are inclusive of GST.

Please contact Meg for information on funding support for the in-person group programmes or speak to a team member at Community Networks.

How do I enrol for the Online Courses?

You can enrol for either the minicourse or full programme online any time by clicking the button below.

How do I enrol for the In-Person Group Course?

Our in-person group course has no scheduled dates at present.

Some feedback from people who have completed the programme:

“Very enjoyable, informative and worth while”

“Awesome course, great handouts”

“It was great, very diverse and informative”

CalmMinds Parenting

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CalmMinds Parent Courses

Understanding anxiety & managing it

Regulation skills

Relationship and relating

What doesn’t help & why

Parents own self care & health & the importance of this in helping your child

Programme Objectives
  • To understand what lies behind and drives your child’s behaviour
  • To understand and alter what you do that may increase your child’s behaviour
  • To improve parents’ ability to be accessible for their child and be available at times when needed.
  • To help parents improve their own wellbeing and stress.
  • To be able to re-adjust the family dynamic into a healthy balance – helps children feel safe and that you are reliable and consistent.
  • To build more effective strategies for parenting children with anxiety difficulties